Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I hate the word "GREEN"

So often people use the word "green" to describe their products and how safe they are for the environment. I think this term is way over used in everything and sometimes it isn't environmentally friendly at all. Well I hate being lumped into that category with all the rest of the people wanting to just cash-in on the situation that our country and world is experiencing.

I have a couple of reasons for doing what I am doing. First of all, I have been looking for a niche market for my company for a long time and this just feels like the perfect fit for what I am already doing. I have always been fascinated with solar and wind. I remember the first solar cell that I bought when I was a kid. We had gone to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, while there I purchased a solar cell with a small DC motor attached to it. I was just amazed how I could hold that up into the sun and that little motor would spin.

Second, I believe in what I am doing for people and what I will do for my family in the near future. I do not do it for the environment to the point where some people are doing it for. I believe at some point we will run out of the cheap energy resources that we have so come accustomed to. So my main thing is "energy conservation", which in turn will save the environment in which we live.

So I would rather be called an "energy conservationist", than someone that is "green". Because conserving is something that everyone can do and it usually doesn't take that much to do.

So by conserving on energy and trying to reduce what we use. We will all in the long run saves what limited natural resources there are left for us now and the future generations after us. Now who is to say when that is going to happen, ten years or a hundred years down the road. It doesn't matter when is going to happen, it is the fact it will happen. So that is why we need to look at other options, like most things it takes awhile to get the infrastructure in place to make these changes happen. But you do not want to wait until the last minute to make that change. Because as we all know time does not hold still for anyone. I remember when I was in my twenties thinking how forty was a long way off, but you know what, it was here before I knew it. It was here like a blink of an eye.

But it is not up to just big companies and the government that must do all this planning and in installing of these types of equipment. It starts with all of us trying to do a part to help in the reduction of energy. Like I wrote in my last blog posting, I was trying to reduce my home energy usage to prepare for the solar panels that I want to install.

Now I am not saying everyone has to do solar panels or a windmill. But there are so many other ways to reduce energy consumption. Like turning off lights, winterizing your home, and the list goes on. Since my last blog post I had decided to install these things in all three of our toilets called a dual-flush. What it is, is a replacement flap where the water goes into the bowl. So when you go to the bathroom and maybe only just urinate. You use a 1/2 a flush instead of a whole flush like when you do your other business. So by installing this device accomplishes two things at once, we do not use as much water every time and the well doesn't have to run as much. Because water is just as much a resource that we need to conserve on too.

It is going to take everyone making the conscious choice to either change. I do not want to sound like I am proclaiming the end of the world, but I am greatly concerned. It is everybody's business to be conservationist or a greenie whatever you want to label yourself. To help make this planet last as long as we can.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Three "R's", the missing "R".

(The mess under my desk.)

The other day I was on and I came across a discussion board that I have been following. They were talking about how you need to reduce your power usage to make a renewable system to work really well for you and to make the cost go down.

So often I talk to people that are interested in renewable energy for their homes. The first thing they want to do with this system is add a bunch of additional electric loads. Well by doing that you have just put yourself right back where you were before you installed the system.

People want to do the right thing like recycling and reusing, but no one ever wants to do the other part of the three "R's", the reduce part. We all want the same lifestyle that we have become accustomed to with out giving up any of the luxuries. I am just as guilty of this myself. But I am trying to do my part to reduce a little at a time. It has been surprising how by doing the little things, I have found that I really don't miss some of these things or I have become accustom to the things that have changed. For example, the CFLs in the garage, which when it is cold they take a little longer than regular incandescent light bulbs. But once they warm up and get to full strength they are much brighter then the others and use less power.

Well, I am in the process of installing solar panels in the next few years here at my house. But before I do that I need to get my energy usage under control, before I install the solar panel system. So what I have been doing is trying to do all the little things first, like installing CFLs in all the light fixtures and installing Smart Strips where I can. I just installed two Smart Strips in my home one under my desk to shut down the things that I don't need on all the time, that are just sucking up energy and not doing anything. The other I installed on our TV, shutting down the Wii and DVD player that was just sitting there on standby when no one was watching them. Now when all the control devices shut down, the rest of the stuff will go off. Saving us money throughout the year.

The other thing that we did was install new windows and insulated window blinds in the house. Which made a huge difference in the gas bill.

The next thing I am having done is I am bringing in an energy auditor to take a look at the envelope of the house to see where we can trim even more energy by insulating. Which once I receive the report I will post the results here.

But as you can see I am trying to do all I can to reduce the amount of energy that we use. This way when I get ready to install the solar system I will not have to install a larger system. Which in the end it will save me money both on energy and panels.

When people buy a system from me from now whether it be solar or wind, I include a home energy audit with every purchase. I believe once you install a renewable energy system you should maximize it as much as possible. It will also help you to reduce the amount of money that you pay for energy even more. I am all about energy conservation. If we all conserve energy, the more we all win.

Monday, November 30, 2009

What are you waiting for?

I get asked the same question a lot. Are turbines ever going to get any cheaper? And my answer is .... NO!!!

Since I have started doing this now for a couple of years Southwest Windpower has increased their turbine price three times.

Today I received an mail from Hummer stating at the first of the year their price were going up too.

It is not just the turbines themselves that keep rising it is the cost of installing the things too.

Wire alone in the past month has gone up 30% since earlier this Summer. My builder informed me that concrete has risen to $100 a yard, up $25 from a year ago. Also the towers the turbine go on keeps rising because of the cost of steel cost and the cost of shipping it here is more because fuel keeps inching back up.

I keep reading and seeing that the cost oil keeps going up, if that happens this stuff will continue to rise, quickly.

My advice to you is call NOW!!!, while it is still affordable. I can get a person in a Raum 3.5Kw unit for around $19k INSTALLED. If you need financing we can get that for you too. I have some banks giving out some good rates for people with good credit.

Don't wait by then it maybe to late.

Also do not forget to stop my new online store . I am running a special on the Smart Strip for your computer or entertainment center. You can SAVE $$$ money with one of these strips by reducing how much electricity these items use just by setting idle in the standby mode. If you sign-up for my newsletter by Dec 24th, you will receive a code good for $3.00 off each strip you buy.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

We are open for business online

I just opened a new online store. I have four items as of right now. One of the items is on order and not available yet. By the end of next week you should be able to order it. I am very excited about this new endeavor. I will have wind turbines on the site soon for you to install yourself or for me to install for you. So keep checking back to see what is new. I used Paypal on this site and I accept all major credit cards. Keep in mind you do not have to have a Paypal account to buy of this site. Also you can now use your credit card for electrical services too.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

2009 TC Chamber Business Expo

Today is the start of the Business Expo at the Grand Traverse Resort. The time is 9am - 5 pm. My booth is # 3. Here is a picture of my booth. Make sure you check Twitter throughout the day for a chance to win a prize that I am giving away. I will be giving away prizes away throughout the day. Hope to see you there!!
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Friday, November 13, 2009

We except major credit cards

We are please to announce that we now can process credit cards for my services. You can pay with Visa, Mastercard, Discover , and American Express. We can process them using my Iphone saving you time of writing a check and if you get bonus rewards from your credit card company you will be able to accumulate those too.

So if you have been putting those electrical problems or projects off because you just do not have the cash. Now you do not have to wait. Call today (231) 715-1170

Also stop by the Traverse City Chamber Business Expo on Tuesday November 17th 9am- 5pm at booth number 3. I will be having a special finance deal on the beginner solar package that I am currently offer. Watch on Twitter Tuesday for announcement or stop by the show for more information. I will also be having a drawing for a solar powered Skystream model as a give away.

Hope to see you there!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Raum Wind Turbine

Here is a video from the Raum Energy, CEO about their new wind turbine. I am very excited about this new turbine that I am able to provide to future customers. It one of many that I now offer giving the end user a much better choice for their energy needs.

Raum Wind Turbine

I know my blog entry yesterday is very similar This goes into more detail about the Raum turbine.

I just got back from the AWEA Wind Show in Detroit. I meet with my distributor that was there whom I had never meet in person. They were the voices on the phone so that was great to finally see them face to face.

But they are now carrying this wind turbine from Raum Energy of Canada.

The turbine is a 3.5 kw unit.
The turbine has 5 blades instead of 3. This allows the turbine it start producing power at low speeds, which we need it to do here in Michigan.
It is a down wind system, which means the blades are pointing the opposite way the wind is blowing.
The inverter is networkable and it has a display that shows what the turbine is doing at that moment too. So if you have an internet connection the turbine will be able to connect to the Raum website and you will be able to see the data in real time through a web browser. Which it will be great for dealer to what the trubines are doing.
Currently the manufacture has a 49’ tower only. But I have other sizes available to me already from a pole manufacture that I currently work with.

A unit installed is about the same price as a Skystream 2.4 kw on a 60’ tower.

Here is link to Raum Energy website: and here is where you can find the complete specification sheet too.

We now offer financing too. So if you are looking to do a project like this but have been putting it off. Now you do not have to wait. So call today and let get start on your turbine right away.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

AWEA Wind Show

I made it to Detriot to the wind show. I will try and do updates as I go along for the next few hours. The show does not start until 4pm and runs unitl 7pm. You can follow me on Twitter too.

Well my big plan was to Twitter today while at the show, but that did not seem to work that well. I really have nothing to say but I was a little disappointed in it. There were no wind turbines there that made me say wow. Except one that my distributor is carrying now. It is called the Raum, it is made in Canada and it is now available for purchase. It is a 3.5kw unit and a downwind system. It is about the same cost as the Skystream. The unit has 5 blades instead of 3 like most turbines do. But that is an advantage because it starts producing power at a lower speed. Here in Michigan that is a good thing. If you would like to know more about this wind turbine give me a call and lets see if one is right for you.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Offering Financing and Energy Audit.

Well as of today we can now offer financing for you next solar or wind system. We can offer financing through Domestic Bank. Interest rates as low as 6.95%.

Also when you buy a new renewable system from us, we are also now including a home energy audit of your house. We feel that if you install a new system that you should do all you can to help maximize your new system. This energy audit will help you to save even more money.

So give us a call today and lets get your new system started right away. (231) 715-1170

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our first solar project.

Today we started the first phase of construction on the first solar project in Glen Lake. This is a cutomer that I have been working with for awhile. We will be installing a 2 kw system with a tracker. This is the post that we installed for the tracker to mount on. It is 8" around and 21' long. We placed it down a hole 30" round and 7' deep. I will be starting on the electrical end of it later next week. We also are making provisions for a future additional 2kw of solar and a possible 3-5 kw wind turbine. So if you would like to do something like this then give us a call and lets talk about solar for you.
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pro and Cons of solar power (photovolatic or PV).

Pros of solar power:

  1. Solar is a renewable source of power.

  2. Solar energy does not give off harmful substances. Except for the process involved to manufacture.

  3. The sun is everywhere.

  4. The sun's fuel is free.

  5. Small systems are easily installed.

  6. The systems have low maintenance.

  7. The systems are quiet.

  8. The systems have no moving parts.

  9. The systems generally have twenty-five year warranty on the panels.

  10. The sun is more constant then wind.

  11. Solar is being advanced all the time.

  12. Solar has become more popular in the past few years.

  13. The cost of solar has dropped in price.

  14. Even when cloudy the panels continue to work.

Cons of solar power:

  1. The initial cost can be very expensive.

  2. No good way to store the power.

  3. Not ever location is good.

  4. Snow can cause the system to stop working.

  5. The panels need to be cleaned to minimize dust buildup.

  6. Cloud cover can slow power production.

  7. Solar does not work at night.

  8. Solar systems need room to be installed.

These are just a few pros and cons of solar systems. This the second part of a three series that I am blogging about. If you missed the first blog of this series the pros and cons of wind turbines here is that link.

The third and final part of this series will be on, "What is right for me here in Michigan." The next section will take a little long then the other two so please back periodically the latest blog.

You can also follow me on Twitter for the latest information.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Just ran across this today.

I will be bringing this up again in my three part series I am currently doing on the Pros and Cons of Wind and Solar systems and What works best for me in Michigan. The first part of this three part series is finished and has been posted on my blog. I am currently working on the second part which I hope to post in a couple of weeks. But in the meantime I am jumping ahead of myself when I ran across the post on another blog about Skystreams, the good, bad and ugly of this type of turbine. Someone had posted a picture of his wind turbine and 6- solar panels that the person had installed at his home. But the thing that I found interesting was the fact the solar panels had out performed the wind turbine. Here is a link to that post. Just scroll down a little bit on the log and you will see the post. The more I research information for this series I am doing the more I am changing my mind about some the renewable energy systems. This is just a tidbit of the things to come. So keep checking back for this three part series. One last thing, if you want to get the latest info you can follow me on Twitter which I post something almost everyday. I hope to see you on Twitter!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

#10 is complete

This the last wind turbine I had to do for the year. This particular turbine took us almost a year to complete. I ordered the material back in December of 2008. But because Tuscola Township had no zoning in place for wind turbines we had to wait. But she is up and will be online sometime next week. Now we have to wait for DTE to come do a couple of tests and then it will be good to go. We had two articles written on this turbine one was in Tuscola County Advertiser and the other is currently running in the Vassar Pioneer Times, front page. Our next project is a 2kw solar panel system mounted on a pole with a tracker on it. This will be going over in the Glen Lake area. I will blog and post pictures as we get going on this project. Once this project is completed I will have a link attached to my web site showing how this system is doing with power product, so keep a look for that in the near future.

Wind Turbines that I currently offer to customers

Skystream 3.7- Which is a 2.4 kw turbine which is grid connected and is a downwind system. It comes in tower heights 33', 45', and 60' tall. Other heights are available with permission from Southwest Windpower.

Raum 3.5- Which is a 3.5 kw turbine which is grid connected and is 5 blade downwind system. It comes in tower heights 40', 60', 80', 100' and 120' tall.

Hummer- Which comes in several sizes 500, 1kw, 2kw, 3kw, 5kw, 10kw, and 20kw turbines which are all grid connected and are upwind systems. But the thing about the Hummer is computer driven into the wind, not pushed into the wind. A computer samples the wind direction and speed and is always turning the turbine into best spot in the wind. 2kw and under are on 60' tower and everything lager then that start at 60', 80', 100, and 120'.

Bergey- Which is a 10kw turbine which is grid connected and is an upwind system. It comes in tower heights 60', 80', 100' and 120' tall.

I have much larger wind turbines if a farm or small business would need something larger. I have a 40kw and 100kw unit if I need something that large.

So if you are looking for a wind turbine system then is what I am currently offering as far brands. So give me a call today and lets see if your property is right for one of these turbines today. (231) 715-1170

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pros and Cons of wind trubines.

Pros of wind power:

  1. The use of wind turbines does not generate pollution or radioactive waste like most other forms of electricity generation.

  2. Wind energy is renewable.

  3. The wind is ample. It is everywhere on the planet.

  4. Are designed to last 20 - 30 years.

  5. Small wind turbines have very low to no maintenance on them.

  6. The cost of producing wind energy has come down by at least 80% since the eighties.

  7. Wind turbines can produce power all hours of the day or night.

  8. No need for fuel or other materials to be supplied. The fuel is free for harvesting.

  9. Wind can also generate power for large numbers of people.

  10. Many people find wind farms an interesting feature of the landscape.

  11. Remote areas that are not connected to the electricity power grid can use wind turbines to produce their own supply.

  12. Wind turbines have a role to play in both the developed and third world.

  13. Single households to small towns and villages can make good use of range of wind turbines available today.

  14. Wind turbines can produce more power for less money. As compared to other types of renewable energy sources.

  15. Man has been using wind for thousands of years. From everything to grinding grain, to pumping water. If the Dutch did not have their windmills their country would be under water.

Cons of wind power:

  1. When wind turbines are being manufactured some pollution is produced.

  2. The strength of the wind is not constant and it varies from zero to storm force. This means that wind turbines do not produce the same amount of electricity all the time. There will be times when the wind turbine produces no electricity at all.

  3. Many people feel that the countryside should be left untouched, without these large structures being built.

  4. Wind turbines can be noisy.

  5. Many people see wind turbines as unsightly structures and not pleasant or interesting to look at.

  6. Storing the power is a problem and expensive.

  7. Turbines can be hit by lighting.

  8. Can kill birds if they fly into the blades.

  9. Have moving parts that may need to be replaced over time.

Here are just a few pros and cons of wind turbines. I am sure there are more that we can add to these lists.

The next list that I am in the process of doing is the pros and cons of solar systems (photovoltaic or PV ). PV will be my second part of this three part series I am doing on renewables the pro and cons. It should be ready in a few weeks.

The final portion of these series will be,"What is right for me here in Michigan wind or solar."

So check back every once in awhile for the latest update on this continuing series of blogs, the pros and cons of renewable energy.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

EARP update

I recieved an email today with the EARP Update. Here is what they had to say.

Consumers Energy has begun reviewing applications for the Experimental Advanced Renewable Program (EARP). The company has seen significant interest in the program, receiving applications for capacity beyond the 2,000 kilowatt (kW) program cap.

As of Sept. 22, Consumers Energy has approved applications for 24 EARP systems, with a total capacity of 875 kW. Approved applicants will begin receiving approval letters within the next few days. Additional applications will be approved as new EARP processes are fully tested.

Consumers Energy is extending the installation deadline for systems to qualify for the $0.45/kilowatt-hour (kWh) nonresidential rate. This is in response to concerns expressed by solar photovoltaic system installers and developers regarding longer lead times for equipment to construct large-scale solar PV systems.

For nonresidential systems, the $0.45 rate will be offered to systems that are installed by May 1, 2010, for approximately 750 kW of DC nameplate capacity. If a portion of a project’s capacity will exceed the 750 kW limit, that project will be offered the rate that corresponds to the largest proportion of the project capacity above or below the 750 kW limit.

For example, if all applications approved for the $0.45/kWh rate total 700 kW, and the next application is 75 kW, the majority (50 kW) falls below 750 kW and the entire project would qualify for the higher rate. However, if the applications approved for the higher nonresidential rate were to total 725 kW, a 75 kW project only would qualify for the lower rate.

If projects approved for the higher rate are cancelled or fail to maintain their qualification for the program, the higher rate could be extended to the next project in the queue provided that a majority of its capacity falls below the 750 kW threshold. Projects involving new solar PV equipment will be considered “installed” for the purposes of the program once all equipment has been installed and inspected by local code authorities. Existing solar PV systems that will be modified to participate in EARP will be offered a rate based on their position in the EARP queue.

At this time, no changes will be made to residential rate deadlines. We will continue with the current deadlines of Dec. 31, 2009, for the $0.65/kWh rate and Dec. 31, 2010, for the $0.525 rate.

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Consumers Energy EARP update

I spoke with the person in charge of the EARP program yesterday and he said that the non-residential portion of the program is filled already. But the residential portion still has room for people to still get in. He said that it was filling up fast. So if you are ready to have some solar panels installed on your property you need call me in the next few days and lets get the application filled out and sent in before the $0.65 offer is over. (231) 715-1170

Friday, September 18, 2009

# 9 Wind Turbine is done

I just completed number 9 turbine today in Caro, MI. This is one that I installed last Fall and moved for the customer to his new house, less than 2 miles away. Since we had this unit down on the ground we took the existing extension off and replaced with an extension that was 4' longer. Which increased his overall height to 66' making it the tallest tower to date that I have installed. I will post a picture when I get back to Traverse City later this weekend.

My next turbine is going in the Vassar area. We started the foundation last week but ran into the water table. So that was the end of that job until we came up with another plan. I contracted my engineer to design me a matte foundation. We have that new design and will post pictures when we get it done maybe later next week.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Verticle Axis why I say what I say about them.

I said a few weeks ago that I would not talk about vertical axis wind turbines anymore. But I have changed my mind, this is my blog and those that gave me grief in the past so be it. If you do not like it then do not read it. Life is full of choices and that is one of them, OTHERWISE READ ON AND TAKE IT FOR WHAT IT IS WORTH !!!!!

  1. I have nothing against the Windspire, this just happens to be the one I see and get asked about a lot, or any type of turbine like it. Except I feel from looking at what reports that are out there, like NERL on the Windspire, on how poorly they performed or failed. This is common knowledge available to the public. What am I to say, that is to bad, but I hope they try again and get it right the next time. Good Luck with that.
  2. Some person commented that how could I be against a Michigan company. I am not against them, I am for them. I think it is great that they are here creating jobs for Manistee and Michigan. Because when they are here that whole thing trickles right on down to everyone else. I want Michigan to be the light onto the world like it uses to be. We once were the state that everyone looked to for the answers. This state made everything, it was made to last and it did. Now where the hell did that go. Where has the pride gone in the products we make here in Michigan. It's not pride anymore it is just about the profits they can make off the consumer that knows no better. That is the problem I have. Lets make something that works and not just make something just to make money and get rich quick. Lets bring companies into this state that are going to make a product that can last the test of time. I have been by several of these products through out the area and almost everyone that I have seen is broken or falling off the top of the pole, especially the one right in front of Mastech where the Windspire is made. It has since been fixed, but why would you make something that would not last longer than a month or two. See what I am saying. What's wrong with this picture, I just don't get it. If these companies keep going down this road you may be here now, but sooner or later you can all kiss your ass goodbye too just like those before you and those jobs too.
  3. I have talked to several people about these types of turbines and they all say the same thing they will not work. When I first got into this line of business awhile back I looked at becoming a Pac-wind and wind terra dealer, because I had someone that wanted a Pac-wind. But when I contacted someone that I knew that was a Pac-wind dealer he said I will box it up and give it to you, because the thing never puts out enough power to light a 200watt light bulb. Here is a dealer saying the thing does not work and is willing to give it to me for free. So hmmm alert, alert why do I want to use these products again? I guess I don't. He also made another valid point if they are so great why do not they use them commercially. HMMMM!!! again good point. I have another friend that is an engineer and he also does wind studies for a living, so he studies various types of wind turbines and he tells me to stay away from these units they just will not produce the amount of power needed. These manufactures can manipulate their numbers any way that want to make to a product look good. I have blogged about other things in the past few months that companies, mail order catalogs, do to make their products look better to the consumer. Also the vertical companies are not the only ones that do this type of manipulation the horizontal companies do it too.
  4. Some guy, because he listed his name, from Manistee or somewhere I do not know said this is a poor way to promote the Skystream, one of the many typies that I have available as options to the customer. I am just putting out the facts. I will be the first to admit that the Skystream has had it's share of problems. If you want to know more about the problems, then here is a blog about the Skystream good and bad. The biggest problem with SWWP is their customer service, which for me has not been a big deal. But out of all the Skystreams I have installed two of them I have had to go back and fix. One of the units just stopped working and the second one, one of the blades had a crack in it. That is it!!! At least they we not wobbling at the top of the pole. But when I meet with a potential customer I am very up front about these issues that I have experienced. Are you that way with your customers Windspire dealers? They are machines and I understand they will brake, because they are machines. Nothing lasts forever, I do not care what type you use.
  5. Another person said it sounds like I am anger and full of venom. I am a type of person that believes in getting the best product to the customer and at the best price. I am not doing this just for a quick buck like some of these people out there are. I am about the experience of the process and wanting the customer to have a great experience with their product they buy, the installation, and the great service they will receive after the sale. So because there are companies running around out there selling stuff just to make a quick buck. That hurts everyone, including you too. And when that happens it PISSES ME RIGHT THE HELL OFF and I am going to do everything I can to get the word out. I will try and not base information just on my own feeling but on facts and seeing it for myself. So that person whoever you are, you should do the same thing before you go spouting your month off without getting the facts first. That's all.
Well I think I have said enough about this for now. I am sure I will have more to say in the near future. So anyone out there that would like to comment on this feel free to give me a shout. But keep in mind I am moderating this blog from know on. More so to keep people from back-linking to other sites trying to promote there services not to keep comments off.

I believe in doing the right thing even if others do not. In the end we will all pay for it.

Boy, I feel SOOOOOOOO much better now that I got that off my chest.

Solar question about the winter.

Someone submitted a question the other day about solar panels in the winter time.

"Will solar panels stay warm in the winter and self-clear ice and snow? Will I have to shovel (or use the roof rake) to keep 'em clear of snow?"

The answer is no and yes. If you receive a large quantity of snow over night the panels will have to be shoveled off or snow raked off. But you have to be careful when working around them because they can crack. If you only get a little snow over night then more in likely then that snow will melt right of the next morning. But none the less they have to be free of any snow or debris to work at the their full potential.

If anyone else has a question feel free to contact me with that question. Because the only dumb question is the one that does not get answered. Email me at

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In the next few weeks....

I am currently preparing a three part blog that I will be posting over the next few weeks in regards to renewable energy sources and their pros and cons.

The topics will include:

1. The pros and cons of wind turbines.
2. The pro and cons of solar energy.
3. Which is better for me in Michigan, wind or solar ?

So keep checking back over the next few days for when that first post will take place.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

What can be run on 1 kilowatt of power?

Someone today was searching for an answer to a question on my web site. What can be run on a kilowatt of power?

The example I like to give a lot to people to explain what a kilowatt is, if you take a 100 watt light bulb and leave it on for 10 hours that is 1 kilowatt or 1 kilowatt hour.

I wrote about a kilowatts last month here is a link to that blog.

Lets take a look at what else we can run on 1 kilowatt, which by the way is a great question:

All these items are left on for a period of time, are equal to 1 kilowatt or 1000 watts.

Tower Computer - 150 watts, 6.67 hours
TV 25' - 150 watts, 6.67 hours
Coffee maker - 800 watts, 1.25 hours
Ceiling fan - 50 watts, 20 hours
Frost Free Freezer - 440 watts, 2.27 hours
Refrig/ Freezer 20cuin - 540 watts, 1.85 hours
60watt compact fluorescent bulb - 13 watts, 76.92 hours

So from the examples above you can see that you can run a lot on 1 kilowatt of power.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Consumers Energy EARP

I currently have a customer that is going ahead with this program. He is at the top of the list currently. He spoken with the people at CE the other day and they said they had a very limited number of people interested in this program. So if you are interested in doing this program lets talk asap, because we have less than 3 months to get it done and to take advantage of the $0.65 feed-in tariff. (231) 715-1170

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Detroit Edison Customers wanting solar for their homes.

Sept. 1, 2009

New Detroit Edison program will enable customers to cut the cost of installing solar energy

DETROIT – Detroit Edison has introduced a new program that will make installing a solar energy system 50 percent more affordable for homes and businesses.

Called SolarCurrents, the pilot program is intended to encourage Detroit Edison customers to purchase and install a solar energy system, and at the same time help the utility meet renewable energy targets contained in comprehensive energy legislation approved last year.

“SolarCurrents provides a significant financial incentive for Detroit Edison customers interested in installing a solar energy system on their home or business,” said Trevor F. Lauer, vice president of retail marketing for DTE Energy, parent company of Detroit Edison. “Customers will receive a payment when the system is installed, then will receive monthly payments over the next 20 years for the renewable energy credits associated with their solar system.”

Solar energy systems generate electricity through the use of photovoltaic (PV) technology, which turns the sun’s light energy into electricity. After passing through a component called an inverter, the direct current electricity generated by the solar panels is converted to alternating current – the type of electricity accessed through standard electric outlets.

A solar energy system for a typical 2,000 square foot home or business can cost about $18,000 to install. Under SolarCurrents, customers will receive a one-time payment when their system is installed. They then will receive monthly credits on their electric bill for the next 20 years for providing Detroit Edison with renewable energy credits associated with the system.

“When all is said and done, SolarCurrents can help reduce the cost of purchasing and installing a qualified solar energy system by 50 percent or more,” Lauer said.

Solar Currents was developed following passage of the Clean, Renewable and Efficient Energy Act of 2008 – legislation that requires Michigan’s electric utilities to provide 10 percent of their electricity sales from renewable resources by 2015. Detroit Edison expects upwards of 1,500 customers to take part in the SolarCurrents program.

Detroit Edison also plans to introduce a second-phase of the SolarCurrents programs in which the company will place large-scale solar energy panels it owns on customer rooftops or property. In return, Detroit Edison will pay long term leasing or rental fees to the property owners. Further details on the next phase of the SolarCurrents program are expected in the coming months.

Detroit Edison is an investor-owned electric utility serving 2.2 million customers in Southeastern Michigan and a subsidiary of DTE Energy (NYSE:DTE), a Detroit-based diversified energy company involved in the development and management of energy-related businesses and services nationwide. Information about DTE Energy is available at

For more information on SolarCurrents, visit, or call (313) 235-4SUN (4786).

So if this is something you have been wanting to for your home, then now is a good time to do it.

Give me a call and let's schedule an appointment to get quote for your home today. (231) 715-1170

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Consumer Energy Customers time is running out

If you are a Consumers Energy customer and want to get involved with EARP program this year so that you can receive the 65¢ kWh feed-in tariff. You only have three months left to take advantage of this offer from them. After that, 2010, the amount drops to .525¢ kWh. The system most be installed before 2010 to take advantage of that higher rate.

If you install a 1700 watt system and it produces 265 kWh a month you will be paid $172.25.

Plus with the 30% Federal government tax credit that system is even better.

With the onset of winter coming this makes it more difficult for that to happen.
So do not wait any longer, call today and lets get started right away. (231) 715-1170

Friday, August 28, 2009

Skystream Prices

I am always asked if prices on these wind turbines are ever going to go down. Today I got the new pricing for Skystreams and the answer is maybe. The 33' and 45' system went down. But the 60' went down if I use their poles and went up if I did not. But here is the thing you have to buy their equipment and their equipment only. Unless it has been approved ahead of time.

So the answer is yes and no the price will come down and go up. Stay tune for more in the future.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Vertical Axis

I have one question why are they not used commercially? This is the last time I am going to talk about vertical axis wind turbines. Good luck. I will only focus on what I am currently doing and the products that I am using.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Packaged Solar Panel Deals

The other day I talked about buying wind turbines on the internet. Well today I am going to talk about buying solar panels on the internet.

I was looking at my dad's brand new master catalog for a major tool company. In it had a bunch of packaged renewable energy kits in there, like solar panels, just plug and play. There was this one kit it said that it provides 1250 running watts of power. The kit includes 2 - 120w panels, charge controller, rack, batteries and an inverter 12v DC to 120v AC.

The first thing that sent all these red lights going off was that fact it was going to give you a 1250 running watts of power. How is 2- 120 watt panels going to do this? Especially here in Michigan.

Lets start with a little information on how solar works. There is a period of time throughout the day where the sun is at its highest peak. When it is at its peak that is when the solar is making the most power. For places like the Southern part of the United States it is around 5.2 hours a day from about 9:30 - 2:30. For us that live in the Northern part of the United States it is 4.1 hour a day or from about 10 - 2.

So the packaged solar panels say that it will produce 1250 watts of running watt of power if you live where it has peak sunlight for 5.2 hours a day. Not here in Michigan where we have less time during the day.

Well how did they come up with that number?

They took the 2 -120 watt solar panels which equals a total of 240 watts. Now you take that 240 watts and multiply by 5.2 peak sun light and you get 1250 watts of power that it produces for that day.

If you used that same system here in Michigan, it would only produce 984 watts of power for the the day.

The other thing that sent off all these red lights was the cost, $4,799.00. I just quoted a guy the other day a system that was installed for 4 -170 watt panels with all the stuff and connected to the grid for $5,567.00 and it would produce 2788 kW in one day or 83kWh a month. So for $768.00 more when you buy from me, you could a much larger system, you do not have to install, one that you can actually use and not just be standby power like the other one.

So again buyer beware about what you read in a book or see no the internet is not always the truth. So if you are looking for a real solar panel system that will actually be beneficial to you, give me a call for a free quote or buy one from that catalog tool company book and good luck with it.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Schools getting renewable energy.

I just received this email tonight about schools that would like to qualify for a possible renewable energy system for their school. I currently bidding on this project for a possible 2 -10kw units for two different schools. So here is how you can get your school involved.

he following is being submitted by the Michigan Public Service Commission on behalf of Energy Works Michigan. Please direct any questions to Energy Works at the contract information below.

Michigan K-12 schools,

Energy Works Michigan has been awarded a grant by the Michigan Public Service Commission to implement renewable energy and energy efficiency measures at public and private K-12 schools throughout Michigan. Energy Works is an unbiased technical resource helping build foundational capacities in the renewable energy and energy efficiency industries.

For the Michigan Renewable Schools Program, Energy Works developed a coordinated set of programs for Michigan K-12 schools designed to demonstrate energy technologies, raise public awareness, and educate the next generation so that they can fully contribute to meeting and exceeding the 2030 and 2050 carbon reduction targets.

Schools are invited to apply for the programs by submitting the Expression of Interest Part 1 Application attached to this email. The application and answers to frequently asked questions are also available on our website:

Thank you for your interest in the Michigan Renewable Schools Program,

The Energy Works Team
215 E. Washington, Suite 201
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Vertical and roof mounted wind turbines.

I came across an article today on vertical and roof mounted turbines. This article is one that I have seen before so here is a link to that article. It is very well written and packed with a lot of good things to think about when considering a unit like this.

I was at Sea Shell City yesterday and I was watching the Windspires that they have there. Even though it was wind the looked like they were having a hard time spinning. Also they are way to close together so I think that they are stealing the wind away from one another. All wind turbines need to have a lot of space so that wind doesn't get disrupted by one of the others.

One other thing they are sitting right next to the building where there is a lot of of air turbulence.
It will be interesting see how well they will do there.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Are you a Consumers Power customer?

I just quoted a solar panel system for a customer in the Sanford Lake area by Midland so if there are anyone else that is looking for something like this we can do it. The system that I quoted was for 1700 watt system that would produce around 209 kWh a month. The system would be mounted on a pole in the yard. The cost for something like this is between $15k - $16k

Consumers Energy is paying a feed in tariff of 65¢ for every kWh that your system generates. The only requirements is that you have a system over 1kw, it be grid connected and the people installing must be from Michigan.

So if this something that you would be interested in give me a call today (231) 715-1170

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wind Turbines on roofs

Here is a good example of why wind turbines can not be mounted on a building. Watch how it moves back in forth not staying in a good straight position. Even at one point it stopped spinning. Just goes to show how it is not a good idea.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Buying turbines on the internet

I have a story that I heard from a guy the other day while I was at the Buckley Old Engine Show about buying turbines on the internet. His brother but 3 - 2kw Chinese wind turbines off the internet and now can not get them approved by the building department or the power company.

First the equipment most have engineering for the components like the tower, foundation and etc.. With out these things you can not even erect them.

Second they most be UL Listed or equal before you can even connect them to the grid. Without the listing no one will even approve them. The equipment most shut down in case of power failure on the grid. Because if they do not it will back feed out onto the grid and may kill a lineman.

So now this guy is spending all this extra money to get all these engineered drawings and trying to find a UL listed inverter all because he thought he was saving money by buying a turbine on the internet. The UL listed inverters are going to to cost more than what he pay for all the turbines that he bought.

This is a good reason to buy from someone that does this for a business not try and do yourself. It never fails you get what you pay for.

Buckley Old Engine Show Review

We had a great turnout at the Buckley Old Engine Show. I gave out over 200 brochures and educated a whole lot more. We had 7 people sign up for site visits. I will be back next year.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Are you on Consumers Energy and do you want them to pay you? Here is how.

Consumers Energy is pleased to announce the recent approval of the Company's proposed Experimental Advanced Renewable Program ("EARP")

Consumers Energy is pleased to announce the recent approval of the Company's proposed Experimental Advanced Renewable Program ("EARP"). The Michigan Public Service Commission recently approved the plan as part of the Company's renewable energy plan filing, and the rate AR tariff was approved on June 3rd. Per our approved tariff, the new Rate AR program will commence on August 27, 2009, and work is underway to make the necessary changes to our internal processes to accommodate this new program. The company expects that we will be able to begin accepting interconnection applications for EARP systems after July 1, 2009.

The program offers the following rates for energy produced by qualifying Solar Photovoltaic systems:
For residential systems available in 2009, the approved rate is $0.65/kWh. For residential systems available in 2010, the approved rate is $0.525/kWh.
For nonresidential systems available in 2009, the approved rate is $0.45/kWh. For nonresidential systems available in 2010, the approved rate is $0.375/kWh.
The rates paid to participant systems will be fixed under contract for up to 12 years. Residential systems must have a name plate capacity of at least 1 kW, with a maximum size of 150 kW. Commercial systems must have a minimum nameplate capacity of 20 kW, with a maximum size of 150 kW. Systems equipped with a battery back up system or other energy storage system will not be allowed to participate under the EARP pilot. All net energy produced by the solar energy system must be delivered to the utility, and the utility will own any Renewable Energy Credits and Capacity associated with the system. Any energy consumed by the system during periods of non-operation will be billed at an appropriate retail rate, with all associated taxes and fees. Participants will also be assessed a System Access Charge for the EARP service that is equivalent to the existing distribution account used to qualify for the program.
To qualify for the program, participants must be Consumers Energy customers with an existing distribution account in good standing. The solar PV system must also be installed on the premises of the existing account or on an adjacent property owned or leased by the account holder. Installed systems must be manufactured in Michigan or constructed by a Michigan Work force to qualify.
To enroll in the EARP pilot, customers will follow the existing interconnection process, documentation and instructions for which are currently being revised to conform with the State's new interconnection rules. If any new distribution facilities outside of a new overhead service are required to connect an EARP system, the costs will be charged as a non-refundable participant contribution. Upgrades to existing distribution facilities will be covered by the MPSC's interconnection rules as set forth in U-15787.
The Experimental Advanced Renewable Program pilot has a capacity limit of 2,000 kW of installed nameplate capacity, with 500 kW reserved for residential customers. Participants will be taken on a first come, first serve basis. To prevent unqualified applicants from blocking space in the EARP queue, participants will have 45 calendar days after being notified that all necessary review of their application is complete to show qualified evidence that they have the resources necessary to construct the project. While an unqualified participant will not be removed from the interconnection process at 45 days, they will be moved to the end of the line for EARP participation until it can be shown that the resources to proceed with the project are available.

So if you would be interested in doing a project like this contact me. Lets get you in one of these systems and get you into this program right away.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

What is a kilowatt and how can a wind turbine produce enough power for a whole house?

Some people do not understand what a kilowatt is or even less what a kilowatt hour is.
Lets start with what is a watt. A watt is the unit used to measure power, equal to one joule per second. In electricity, a watt is equal to current (in amperes) multiplied by voltage (in volts).
A kilowatt is a thousand watts.

Lets take an example on how to figure out what a kilowatt hour is. Say you have a 100 watt light bulb on for 10 hours. That 100 watt light bulb used 1000 watts of power, divided by 1000 or 1 kilowatt hour.

Now the average home uses 750 kWh a month so that means it uses 750,000 watts a month or it is like leaving around 10.4- 100watt light bulbs on all day for one month.

Wow that is a lot of power when you stop and think about it.

But some people say that a wind turbine can not power a house because it is only 2.4kw or 24- 100 light bulbs and it does not run all the time. But I say it can. Here is why, just because it does not run all the time does not mean it does not power your house. You have to look at how many kilowatt hours it produced, not how much power it generates that moment. For example a turbine may produce nothing for one day. But the next day it produces 30 kWh for the whole day. Then following day it produces 5 kWh and so on for the whole month until you get a total amount for that month. Say it produced 400 kWh for the month and you used 500 kWh. For that month your cost was offset by that 400 kWh your turbine produced. Now you will only pay for that 100 kWh from the power company. See how that works, your turbine did not run all the time but it produced power for the whole house, none the less, saving you money in the end.

It also depends on how much you use on an average month, the size of your wind turbine, and how much wind there was for that month.

So if you do the math the turbine will produce enough power for the whole house.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Buckley Old Engine Show

We are at the Buckley Old Engine Show all the rest of the week. We have a tent up at the flea market area. Just look for the small wind turbine and the red tent. Stop in and say HI!. We will be have a drawing for $50 Walmart gift card. For more information about the show got to Hope to see you there!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Are Vertical Axis Turbines Better?

I receive a lot searches everyday on vertical wind turbines. Here is a great article on vertical wind turbines. You should read it and it is a quick read.

Wind Power: Are Vertical Axis Turbines Better?

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Wind outputs a month period

Here is a chart of three Skystreams that are in the area.
What I did was go to each turbine today and download the data from them for a one month period. Each turbine is about thirty miles apart from one another. Each turbine is the same brand and size unit, 2.4 kw. But their towers are all different sizes 45', 60', and 120' tall.

What I found to be funny is that the 45' tower did better than the 60' tower. Which I can not figure that out, because the 45' tower has a lot of trees to the NE side of the turbine and the 60' tower has nothing but open space. The only thing that I can think of, is the 60' tower was out balance, which today it seems that I have it balanced right where it needs to be. I guess next month will be interesting to see if it made a difference.

The total kWh for the one month period goes like this:
45' tower - 88.55 kWh for the month
60' tower- 79.52 kWh for the month
120' tower- 209.82 kWh for the month

So as you can see from the chart and from the totals that is always best to get as high as possible with your tower for your wind turbine. We been experiencing some very low winds this summer, lower than previous years. But though that is the case the 120' tower still was over 200 kWh for the one month period.

It will be really interesting to how each one does this winter once the wind really picks up. Which we are starting on the up swing this next month.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


My next newsletter will be released tomorrow morning. If you do not receive my newsletters here is the link to signup for it. Subscribe to newsletter

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Meeder Project

Just finished the Meeder project. We added a 17' extension on to the bottom of his 45' pole making it 62' tall.

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Here is my new TV commercial

This is my new tv commercial that will be running on TV 29 and 8. It will start airing on Monday.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vertical and roof mounted turbines

I received an email today about vertical and roof mounted turbines on why they do not work.
Many of you may be getting calls about the viability of rooftop and/or vertical axis wind turbines.

We recently produced a fact sheet on these wind turbines. Small rooftop wind turbines: Common questions and answers

Basically, a wind turbine with a small swept area, located close to the ground in a cluttered area, is not going to produce much power. (copy and paste this link)

For that reason, Focus on Energy is not providing incentives for these turbines at this time.


Don Wichert, P.E.
Director, Renewable Energy Programs
Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation
431 Charmany Drive
Madison, WI 53719
Phone: 608/249-9322 ext. 120
Fax: 608/249-0339
Visit the Focus on Energy Web Site

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hummer wind turbines

Just recieved a price list for the new Hummer wind turbines that I have a dealership for. So if anyone wants a price let me know. Anything that is larger than a 5kw unit comes on a 80' tower and larger, nothing less than that. Besides any tower less then 60' in my opinion is a waste of money. I have several Skystreams up at different sized towers and they are doing less production on towers 45' and shorter. The 60' towers are blowing all others away, no pun intended.

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My booth at the fair

The fair is in full swing now. Today is kid's day at the fair. There has been a stead flow of people since I got here at 11 this morning. I had to finish the project that I started yesterday. I had to go back and remove the 17' extension on the 60' tower that I took down yesterday. The extension is going to Bellaire, MI where I am putting it on the Meeder's turbine.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tuscola County Fair

I will have a booth at the Tuscola County Fair all next week. I will have a Skystream on hand for people to look at, up close and personal. Register to win a $50 gift card to Walmart. Fair's web site. The fair starts July 26 and ends August 1. So stop by and say hi.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Hummer wind turbines

As of today I am a dealer of the Hummer wind turbine. It is not set to be released until the end of August or September. I will be bringing more information about this turbine as it becomes available in the next few months. Here is a link to the companies web site. So this will be the fourth turbine that I can offer to people that are looking to have a turbine for their selves. Skystream, Proven, Bergey and Hummer are the units that I now carry.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

TV 29 and 8

Keep your eyes open the next few weeks we will be advertising on TV for the first time. I send a deal for 72 spots that will be featured on TV 29 and 8 starting in Mid- July running through Mid- August. I will try and post the ad on this blog once it has been released.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

60' tower and turbine

We just finished the Couturier project today. After 12 weeks of waiting the pole showed up on time and we were able to finish today. The unit was spinning like crazy when we left today. The wind turbine was already putting back power back on the grid. A fantastic thing to see. Our next project will be back in the Caro and Frankenmuth area of Tuscola. We have one that we will be moving from one property to another and one that we have not started yet.
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Monday, July 6, 2009

Lake Leelanau tomorrow

Stop by tomorrow between 1 and 2pm in Lake Leelanau on E. Lingaur Rd. to watch us install a 60' tower with a wind turbine on top. As far as I know this will be the tallest Skystream wind turbine in Leelanau County. I will post pictures after the project is completed tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

$1000 off

If anyone buys a wind turbine between now and July 31, 2009, I will give you $1000 off the complete installation of that wind turbine. We have four turbine companies to choose from to help you get the right turbine that will meet your needs. Call today for your free site assessment today, (231) 668-4626

Monday, June 22, 2009

Residential Rooftop Wind Turbines

I keep seeing that people are searching for rooftop wind turbines in my web site. I am going to tell you right now that roof mounted turbines do not work well at all. The reason is there is to much turbulence in the wind from hitting the roof an going up over the top of the roof. I was in Ludington a month ago and there is a house on Business 131 across from the Pere Marquette Township hall. The flag at the township hall was flying straight into the wind and the roof mounted turbines were spinning in circles and mean the whole turbine not the blades. I will down there later this week and I will try and get video of these roof mounted wind turbines in action. Stop back next week and see the video.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

New dealership

I found out today that I am now dealership for the Bergey Wind Turbine. This adds a third brand and size of turbines that I now can offer to customers. Also later this year they will be releasing a new 50kw turbine.

Currently I have the Skystream, Proven and the Bergey wind turbines.

The turbines sizes are:
Skystream 2.4 kw
Proven 6kw and 15kw
Bergey 10kw

Also I have been in talks with Northern Power Systems, they make 100kw unit.

I will be leaving for Canada next week to go look at another company that I am very interested in using their turbine for a project in the thumb.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New wind Turbine

 I am always asked if I have a wind turbine of my own and now I can say yes I do. This unit will be powering my display tent when I am at a festival or fair. Currently I will be using it to power up the lights in my job trailer. I have a 12 volt battery and inverter all connected to the wind turbine, which keeps the battery charged. I will be adding a solar panel the I have in the next few weeks.
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The winner is .....

From the Mesick Mushroom Festival I had a drawing for a solar powered wind turbine model. Dan White from Mesick was the winner of that prize. I will be sending it out in the mail within the next couple of days.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Finished the Mesick Mushroom Festival

We just finished the Mesick Mushroom Festival and I handed out a lot brochures. The weather did not cooperate very well. But I will be back next year to try again. The next show I will be at is the TAAR Affiliates Showcase and Brunch May 20 at the Hagerty Center in Traverse City. After that I will be at the Tuscola County Fair in Caro, MI for a week. In August I will be at the Buckley Old Engine Show.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Mesick Mushroom Festival

I will be at the Mesick Mushroom Festival for three days May 8 - 10. I will have a booth setup in the Flea Market area, just look for the red tent. Stop by sign up for my drawing and say HI.
Mesick Mushroom Festival Website

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Current Skystream Customers

To the people that are out there that currently have Skystreams with problems and can not get the dealer to come back and fix it. Well give me a call. I have had great success in getting these units fixed. I am currently do work for a dealer that had problems with one that was not working. He called me in and I took care of his problem, the dealer, and the owners. The problems was resolved within a day. Now granted I did get the turbine problem in the SWWP system it still took time for the parts to arrive. But I recieved a call from someone that I currently work with on other turbine projects, he said that he knew of several people in the area that were having problems. When they contacted their authorized dealer he told them parts were not avalible. Well that is not true, it sounds like the authorized dealer is unable to fix their issues. Because he is not an electrician with the skills to fix the problems. I will go any where in the state to help people to get their problems rectified with their turbines. Give me a call and lets get it taken care of. You spent a lot of money for this system and you deserve to have it working correctly. Call 231-668-4626 today.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


What a better way to help the environment then installing your own residential wind turbine. By installing one you are helping reduce your carbon foot print. You still have time to take advantage of the $1000 off and installation.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Time is running out

We are getting close to the end of the month. I am still taking calls for people that want me to visit there site for a wind turbine. But the sale is over April 30 for the $1000 off an install. If you were at the flower and garden show and I have not called you yet for your visit. I will be doing it soon and the offer will still be good. If you call the last day and want to take advantage of the offer I will extend it one month from that date. But after that it is the regular price. So call before it is to late.

Monday, April 13, 2009

I will meet or beat anyones price.

I am starting to hear more and more about people starting to do wind turbine installations. I have been doing this for over a year with great success. I blogged about this a few months ago, but feel it is time say it again.

I am going to encourage you to meet with those other guys and then I want you to come see me with their price. It needs to be itemized so that we can compare. Because anyone can right down a price, but if you do not know what you are getting neither will I.

I will meet or beat their price. I have a great working relationship with the power companies, inspectors, and we can get it done without a hitch.

We currently have 7 units installed with 2 more to go.

Give us a call today where we have experience to get the job done right.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sold another turbine today

We sold the only turbine that I had in stock as of this afternoon. I will be ordering another one soon. I had someone from the show buy a 60' tower and turbine today. They took advantage of the $1000 off. There still is time for you to take advantage of this deal too. We will start blogging and posting pictures as soon as this project gets underway.

Thanks for stopping by

For those of you that stopped by my booth at the Flower and Garden Show.
Thanks for stopping.
It is because of people like you make these all worth it.
I am starting to call those that requested a site assessment and making appointments to meet at their homes.

I do have a winner of the PowerCost Monitor, it is Karel Madsen of Williamsburg. Thanks to all that registered. There were 74 people that signed up for the prize.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Flower and Garden Show

Well this has been day two of the Flower and Garden show. We had a pretty good turnout so far. Thanks for the people that have stopped at my booth and the great feedback from everyone. Just wanted to say that it is not to late to stop out and say hi. The doors open at 10am tomorrow and the show ends at 4pm. I am giving a PowerCost Monitor , over a $100 value, away. This is something that everyone can use if you have an electric bill. Hope to see you there.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Booth

Here is my booth at the Flower and Garden Show for the Habitat for Humanity. So stop tomorrow for 10a - 7p on Friday, 10a - 7p on Saturday, and 10a - 4p on Sunday. It is suppose to snow all weekend so what a better place to be at. There a lot of great booths to help you get in the mood for the Spring when it does turn.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Solar or wind which is better

I received an email the other day for someone that I had given a bid to back in October for a new wind turbine. He wanted to know which would be better solar or wind by cost.

So I took a look at the both of them together.

To produce 400 kwh a month was what I figured for the amount of power each system would have to produce each month.

You have to have room for 16 solar panels at 224 watts, 3584 watt total each panel is 65"X40", no battery backup, grid tied.
The cost is $27,435.00, Rule of thumb $8/watt of panels to be installed.

You have to have 3' of room for one pole 60' tall and 2.4 kw generator, grid tied.
The cost installed is $19,698.00

That is $7,737.00 difference, so wind is cheaper cost wise.

Now each unit will do better some days than others. But I do not know about you but it seems that there are more windy days than sunny days here in Michigan and I lived here most of my life.

Solar you are limited by 4.2 peak hours, when the sun is the highest in the sky, of sun making power and then you are done.

Wind it can blow all night long and you will still be making power.

FYI: Wikipedia - The upper two thirds of the lower peninsula and the upper peninsula of Michigan get 83 to 100 days of sunlight.

Michigan is the 14th windiest state in the United States.

So in my opinion wind is the better choose for us here in Michigan. The best way is to have both, because they can play off one another.

But who can afford both.

So I believe the chose is clear wind is the best for us here in Michigan. In the next few weeks I will be installing a solar radiation sensor on my weather station to keep track of how much solar radiation there is each day. You will be able to see that information on my weather page .

I will put an update on this blog when I have completed that installation.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Habitat for Humanity

Just a reminder that next weekend I will be at the Grand Traverse Region Spring Flower and Garden Show.
Dates: April 3-5
Times: April 3-4 10am - 7pm April 5 10am- 4pm
Location: Grand Traverse County Civic Center

This is a three day event, stop by my booth #16 and say hello.

Sign up for my prize that I am giving away. We are giving away PowerCost Monitor which allows you to monitor you house's energy consumption.

So mark it on your calendar and I hope to see you there!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

11% Electric Bill Increase

The two largest utility companies in Michigan want to raise your electric bill.

DTE and Consumer's Energy both proposed a rate increase of about 11 percent. The state still has to approve the rate hike.

So give us a call and let us see what we can do for you to reduce electricity needs and show you how you can make your of power for your home.

This video was on 9 & 10 News

Monday, March 23, 2009

Wind is In!!!

You to could have one of these in your backyard. Now until the end of April we are offering $1000.00 anyone that orders before April 31, 2009. We currently have a turbine in stock and ready to be installed. So give us a call today. We will install a wind turbine for you, any where in Michigan.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Turbine in stock

Next we will be starting to try and keep one turbine in stock for immediate purchase and installation. We will not be carrying the tower because of storage issues. But the towers are usually a couple of weeks out from the time it is ordered.

By keeping a turbine in stock we will be able cut that wait time in half before one can be delivered.

The promotion for the month of April is for $1,000.00 off a total installation.

For example a turbine on a 33' tower normally costs $15,150.00 with the $1,000.00 off it is now $14,150.00.

With the 30% tax credit, take another $4,245.00 off. Now the turbine costs $9,905.00, that is $5,245.00 off , a very large savings to you.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring "Blowout" Sale

We are offering $1,000.00 off the installation price on any orders placed by April 30, 2009.

Combined with the Federal tax credit of 30% off the total installed price, means more savings to you.

If you purchase more than one wind turbine, you will get $2,000.00 off each additional unit.

Now is the time to buy your spring wind turbine before this offer runs out!

Units starting as low as $14,150.00 installed, with discounted offer. Regularly priced at $15,150.00

Call us today to schedule your free site assessment to see if a wind turbine is right for you.

A wind turbine could save you as much as up to 80% on your monthly electric utility bill.

So don't wait! Call today (231) 668-4626 .

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Skyview 2.0

For those who own a Skystream wind turbine you will be happy to know that the latest Skyview has been released for download. It has a lot of great new features. Now you will be able to bring data out of the memory that is in the Skystream itself, so you can see how much power it has produced. This is something that you where not able to do before.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Update on the tax credit for small wind turbines

Q: What does this mean to me?

A: The entire cost of a Skystream system (plus installation) is reduced by 30 percent provided you have a tax liability over
the course of two years. Depending on where you live, you could save even more! States have also implemented rebates for
small wind systems which can be used in addition to the Federal credit. Furthermore, in the last two months alone, more than
30 states have introduced legislation that either expands incentives for renewable energy and/or addresses market barriers.
Learn more at

Q: How does a tax credit work?

A: Typically, a tax credit is money that you can deduct from any money owed to the federal government at tax time (tax
liability). The small wind tax credit can be carried over two years after the product is installed. For more information on how to
take advantage of the credit, we suggest that you speak to a tax specialist.

Q: I don’t normally owe taxes – how can I claim the credit?

A: You can only claim the credit based on what you would owe in taxes (your tax liability after two years). If you do not
normally receive a refund, you may want to consult with a tax specilalist to understand better what opportunities are available
to you.

Q: How do I claim the credit?

A: You will be required to file the long form and itemize your deductions. The IRS form 5695 must be completed and filed
with your taxes. The current form does not reflect the changes to the most recent legislation.

Q: Can someone who already owned a Skystream claim the tax credit?

A: If you purchased a Skystream in 2008, you qualify for the federal-level tax credit, passed as part of the October 2008
bailout legislation, up to $2,400 per wind turbine with a cap of $4000. If you purchased a Skystream in 2008 but your
dealer did not install it until 2009, ask your dealer to write a letter indicating that the wind turbine was not “commissioned” in
2008 and became operational 2009. You would qualify for the 30 percent tax incentive in your 2009 filing.

Q: What if I want to purchase and install more than one Skystream?

A: The stimulus package allows for a 30 percent tax credit on the total cost of multiple units. There is no cap on the 30
percent tax credit. Businesses may qualify for a grant from the US Treasury in lieu of a tax credit.

Q: I heard I can get cash back rather than a tax credit – how does that work?

A: Businesses can apply for a grant from the US Treasury and rather than a tax credit, receive a cash grant. The details are
still being worked out but should be in place by April or May. Keep in touch with your dealer or the manufacturer for more

Information taken for Southwest Windpower Newsletter.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tooting my own horn

I just posted 5 reasons why you should buy from me the other day. I keep talking to people almost on a daily bases and they are all starting to say the same thing. No one calls back or emails. They do not show up on time.

I am also starting to see that more people are start to get into this market and there are a lot of wolves in sheep's clothing out there. So buyer beware. Not all wind turbines work. Some people will tell you anything to make a sale.

I am not that way, I try and find quality turbines that will meet your needs.

I am not afraid to tell you that your property is not right for wind turbine.

If I think that your property is questionable, I have a engineer friend that can come in and tell exactly if it is right for you.

I was looking at a website the other day that a person had told me about. He had been to the City Hall in Vassar for a meeting that a company put on to try and sell wind turbines to the group. But when pressed for information about permits, net metering, and how many they installed they were not able to tell the group. So the guy gave me their website and I checked it out. They said that they had done over 28 installs, but not where. They handle all the permitting and net metering. But when asked at the meeting, the homeowner was responsible for all of that. Also the site had no pictures, no phone numbers, no addresses, Hmmm!!

Well I show pictures with a map on where they are located at and where the next project are subject to start.

We have an address and a map to get to our location.

When we do a project for a customer the only thing that customer has to do is get the zoning permit and write the check.

We fill out all the forms and send you envelopes with the address where they have to get mailed, with the stamp on it already.

All the documents are labeled where you have to sign and date.

We come in and haul all the trash away.

We do all the scheduling of cranes, inspectors, and power company.

We make it easy and smooth.

We want your project to be a great experience, not an experience that leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

So give us a call and let me show you what we can do for you. You will not be let down.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Reasons why you should buy from us and not the other guys.

1. We will call you back, when you call us. Usually within one hour from the time you called. If your phone call was not important to us, then we should not be in business.
2. We will visit your site and be on time, for free no matter where you live in Michigan. Your time is valuable and we respect that.
3. We are state licensed contractors, both electrical and building. Both of us have over 40 years experience in our respected trades.
4. We are insured for any problem.
5. We service what we sell. If something goes wrong with the turbine after it is installed we do not just forget who you are. Because once we have done work for you we want to keep you as our customer. I am a true believer in service after the sale no matter where you are.

These are five good reason why you should have us install your wind turbine, not the other guys.

So if none of those items mentioned above are important to you then call the other guys. But we will be here waiting for you to call.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mark your calendars

April 3rd - 5th we will be at the Habitat for Humanity 2009 Spring Flower and Garden Show. So stop by my booth and say hi. Also make sure you sign-up for a great door prize that I will be giving away. Here is a link to more information about this great event. As we get closer I will have more information.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hurry Time is Running Out for the MIPSC Grant

Grant money from the Michigan Public Service Commission


Renewable Schools Request for Proposals for up to $5.5 million has been issued by the MPSC. Non-profit or public organizations can propose to design and coordinate the successful installation and operation of small scale, on-site renewable energy systems and energy efficiency upgrades at public and private K-12 schools, community colleges, & universities.

The grants are funded by the Low-Income & Energy Efficiency Fund.

Deadline for proposals is 5 p.m. on Friday, March 13.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Second Newsletter

Our second newsletter has been released. We sent it out to over 140 people. If you did not get a copy of this newsletter here is the link for you to read it.

The December 2008 newsletter is also available if you missed that one too.

If you would like to subscribe to any future newsletters you can do that here.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

More on the tax credit for Wind Turbines

Impact of the American Recovery and Re-investment Act (2009 Stimulus Package)

On February 17, 2009 President Obama signed the American Recovery and Re-investment Act of 2009 into law. With a significant emphasis on renewable energy technology deployment and job expansion, the bill improved upon the 2008 tax credit, by removing "cost caps." This change allows consumers and small businesses to take a 30% tax credit off the installed cost of a wind turbine. To a consumer or business purchasing a single 2.4KW residential wind turbine, it will double their credit. Additionally, consumers and businesses will also have the option of receiving their credit in the form of a cash grant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the stimulus package impact my business?
A: The Bill stimulates the industry by making small wind more affordable and accessible to a larger percentage of the population, thus, increasing your market opportunity. Any Skystream installed in 2009 through 2016 (eight years) is eligible for a credit up to 30% of the installed cost of the wind turbine. This credit can be applied against taxes owed or, for at least 2009 and 2010, receive a grant for the same amount from the Government.

Q: How does the stimulus package impact Skystream purchasers?
A: The entire cost of a Skystream system (plus installation) is reduced by 30 percent. For example, if an average installation costs between $12k -- $18k, the stimulus package will save you between $3,600k -- $5,400. And depending on where you live, you could save even more! States have also implemented rebates for small wind which can be added to the Federal credit. Furthermore, in the last two months alone, more than 30 States have introduced legislation that either further incentivizes renewables and/or addresses market barriers.

Q: What about my customers that have already purchased a Skystream?
A: If they purchased a Skystream in 2008, they will qualify for the federal-level tax credit, passed as part of the October 2008 bailout legislation, up to $2,400k. If they purchased a Skystream in 2008 but it was not installed until 2009, you can write a letter indicating that the wind turbine was not "commissioned," i.e., became operational until 2009, they would qualify for the 30 percent tax incentive or a cash grant for the same amount.

Q: What if I install more than one Skystream?
A: The stimulus package allows for a 30 percent tax credit or cash grant on the total cost of multiple units. There is no cap on the 30 percent tax credit or cash grant.

Q: I heard the customer can get cash back rather than a tax credit - how does that work?
A: Yes, they can apply for a grant from the US treasury and rather than a tax credit, receive a cash grant. The details are still being worked out but should be in place by April or May. Keep in touch for more information.

Q: Does the stimulus package benefit the renewable energy industry as a whole?
A: Yes, the Bill makes both solar wind and even energy efficiency more affordable for Americans and American corporations that are looking to utilize sustainable energy within their homes and facilities. The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) reported that the United States is the largest producer of small residential scale wind generators. As much as 66% of the global market is produced domestically. This means the jobs being generated are also for the manufacturing sector.

Information from the Southwest Windpower Dealer News