Thursday, March 22, 2012

Latest news and offers

Well some of use in Northern Michigan lost our power for a few days. So I have been busy doing generator hookups. Here is a picture of one of them. Plus I have a nice little generator package deal to offer.


Did you loose power for days? Do you want an economical solution? If you answered yes to both questions then here it is.
You will get:
1- Generac 5500 watt gasoline only generator
1- 30a 120/240 outlet mounted outside
1- Generator cord 10' long
1- Panel mounted transfer switch (as in picture above)


You will be able to run most of the house with this unit: Well, refrigerator, freezer, furnace and some outlets and receptacles.

Don't be left in the dark again.

I also offer a full line of Briggs and Stratton whole-house generators too. Which can be hooked up to either propane or natural gas. Generator sizes start at 7kw and go up from there.

Just in case you missed it there was a nice article in the Northern Express about my company.
Here is a link to that article . They did a great job on it. So take a look it. It's worth reading.

Plus it's another option for backup in case of another power outage. All my customers that have solar /battery backup reported that their systems were running great. With little to no lifestyle change. Love happy customers.

I'm gearing up for several solar installations coming up. So stay tune for pictures of those projects coming up soon.