Thursday, February 23, 2012

Update 2012

So far this year started out with a couple of really good jobs. I have been teaming up with some of my competitors on some of their projects.

The first one was a solar project in Grelickville on E. Grandview Rd. It is a 12 panel system mounted on a pole. Here is a picture of that system and how big it is. It is a 2.58kw system with an average monthly production of 309kwh a month. I did not provided the equipment for this system but was the installer only.

The second big project was located out on the Old Mission Peninsula. There is a big windmill out near the end that you can see on Center Rd. out near the lighthouse. but you have to be looking for it.

The interesting thing about this project is that it was off-grid and then they installed the grid onto the property.

So what I had been hired to do is change it over to grid interactive so that the windmill, Bergey, can put the excess power back on the grid. But here is the kicker, there is 3 sources of power to deal with windmill, grid, and generator. Getting them to all interact together was one of the most complicated jobs to date. I used an Outback Radian Inverter . This inverter is what is called a hybrid inverter. It's Outbacks latest inverter. It's a 8000w battery charger and grid interactive inverter. Nice piece of equipment.

Also for this year I have 2 up coming solar projects as a result of Consumers Energy Feed-in tariff. (EARP)

One is a 20 panel system on the roof up in Northport and the other is 22 panel system on the roof on Crystal Lake in Beulah. So be watching for pictures about that soon.

I have been getting lots of calls about off-grid systems. Just quoted a system on an island near here. I will be doing my first international install in Northern Canada next month. Customer here in Traverse City has hired me to come to his place and install solar panels to his house that he has off-grid. So be watching for pictures of that soon too.

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That's all the fun and exciting things happening here for now. So stay tune.