Sunday, July 8, 2012

The state of the things to come?

I have been giving some thought to the recent heat wave we have been experiencing here in Northern Michigan. I believe this will be the way the weather is going to be now and in the future.

We have been experiencing very quick and violent storms and record high temperatures which is not normal. Could this be the new normal? I don't know.

But I do know, that it has been playing havoc on the electrical systems for the power companies. These sudden storms are knocking out large populations of electrical customers. The heat is setting record power usages for the demand for air-conditioning.

On a personal side I too have been experiencing electrical issues with my own electrical provider. Twice last week I had no power for whatever reason. We had no storms but still it went out. I believe we are going to see rolling blackouts. These high heat days play hell on electrical equipment. Causing things to fail or the power company will not be able to keep up with the demand of power comsumption.

So we have this natural stuff playing havoc on the grid. What will happen when we add electric vehicles into the mix on a hot Summer day? Are the power companies going to be able to keep up then? Are we going to have these rolling blackouts or worse brownouts?

I guess time will tell. Quicker then I think people believe. 

But there are solutions to these problems. Solutions that you the individual can do to protect your own well being. I know that I am currently making preparations to help maintain my own self-preservation. I will be installing a battery backup solar system. Because myself like others, I like to keep things running. I don't like my lifestyle interrupted with these problems of things not working. I like my beer cold and a good glass of water when I want it.

I have several customers with this very option. They are very happy with their systems. It is not cheap. But I'm being to think it's the way to go in the long haul. With a simple gas generator as backup, to the backup. 

Other options would be a backup generator, manual or automatic. The problem with gas generators is there is maintenance issues and moving parts. Plus the cost of running a generator is not cheap. But a good option in the short term, but not for several days without power.

Well I guess this gives you something to think about and consider. I can see that this whole power problem is not going away anytime soon. Everyday I see in the news or online that power is out again in an area. So why wait until it starts happening or happens to you again? So get prepared now before it's to late again!