Thursday, December 22, 2011

20 days left

We only have 20 days left to get that Consumers Energy Earp application turned in so that you can get excepted to participate in the feed-in tariff for solar power for residential only. So far I have one person planning on getting into the program.

You will be paid .259¢ a kWh of electricity that is produced.

Lets do the math:

I'm going to use a 12 panel system mounted on the roof.
Cost installed $14,900.00

30% Federal tax credit $4470.00

System cost is $10,430.00

System average production over a year around 300 kWh a month. $78 a month from the feed-in tariff. $936.00 a year.

Now divide the total kWh dollar amount a year by the system cost after the Federal tax credit.

Your system will be paid off in 11 to 12 years.

Solar panels last 40 plus years. The panels and inverters that I use all have 25 year warranties.

So what are you waiting for? Lets get you signed up and make it happen.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Another Consumers Energy Feed-in Tariff coming soon!

If you missed out on the last feed-in tariff you have another chance. Consumers Energy is going to start another residential program again first of next year or even by the end of this year. I was told that they could be excepting applications as soon as after the meeting in Grand Rapids on December 8th.

One thing to keep in mind the application needs to be submitted right away. I am currently starting a list of people that have an interest in doing this kind of project. You can contact me through my website. I was able to get three customers into the program last time, because we did their applications within that first week of being announced.

I will be attending that meeting and should have more information to pass a long as soon as I get back that day. You can either find it here on this blog or my company Facebook page

For more information about the Consumers Energy EARP here is a link to that website.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Second chance for a possible feed-in Tariff!

Well if you missed out on the first Consumers Energy feed-in tariff. You may have a second chance to get in on it. Granted the tariff cost will be a lot less then the first time but still better then a sharp stick in the eye.

The first time they were paying up to .62¢ a kWh for all the solar systems power that it produced. This time they will be paying up to 26¢ a kWh or low as .20¢ kWh for a solar systems power that it produces.

The Michigan Public Service Commission tells Consumers Energy to expand their solar program.

Here is the article that I first saw about this programs possible expansion.

The last time you had to apply to get into the program, which I am sure will be the same way again. Which it filled up fast, in less then two weeks time.

Once you were approved for the amount of solar you were willing to install you then had a year to install it.

The three customers that I had applied all got approved for the program. But I got their applications in right away.

I know personally I will be installing an array on my Beulah property as soon as the program becomes available to do.

I have a very reliable source that says it could be as soon as July. So if you are interested in having solar this would be a good time to make that happen. I am currently forming a list of people that would like to be contacted if and when this program becomes available.

You can email me at or call me at (231) 715-1170 to get on that list. Don't wait because the program will fill up fast.

Monday, January 17, 2011

What's new at J.D. Stratton Electric, Inc.?

I would like to start by saying I have started the year off with a bang. On New Years day I started my first solar project for the year. Three days later it was finished. As soon as I have link to the Enphase site I will post a link. This is a 4kw system. It will produce about 430 kwh a month. I installed 18- Schott 225watt solar panels. I have a several more solar projects on the books for later this year. The owner of the house also is doing a blog about their experience as they build their LEED Platinum house.

I also now carry a full line of Briggs and Stratton whole house gas powered generators. They have generators that start at 7kw and go up from there. So if you are always losing power at your home or business I now have a solution for that problem. I can do the whole install for you. Just call today for your free in home visit to find out what generator is right for you. Mention this blog and receive a free maintenance kit for your new generator purchase.

I just found out today that I am now able to sell the Evance 5kw wind turbine. This turbine will produce around 670kwh a month or 8095 kwh annually. This 5kw turbine is the size that most people, on average, need to power their homes. If you know of someone looking for a turbine this size have them give me a call.

So as you can see there is a lot of great things happening around here for 2011 so far. If there is anything that you would like to talk about for your own personal home or business, give me a call. All estimates and visits are free. I would love to take to you today.