Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Second chance for a possible feed-in Tariff!

Well if you missed out on the first Consumers Energy feed-in tariff. You may have a second chance to get in on it. Granted the tariff cost will be a lot less then the first time but still better then a sharp stick in the eye.

The first time they were paying up to .62¢ a kWh for all the solar systems power that it produced. This time they will be paying up to 26¢ a kWh or low as .20¢ kWh for a solar systems power that it produces.

The Michigan Public Service Commission tells Consumers Energy to expand their solar program.

Here is the article that I first saw about this programs possible expansion.

The last time you had to apply to get into the program, which I am sure will be the same way again. Which it filled up fast, in less then two weeks time.

Once you were approved for the amount of solar you were willing to install you then had a year to install it.

The three customers that I had applied all got approved for the program. But I got their applications in right away.

I know personally I will be installing an array on my Beulah property as soon as the program becomes available to do.

I have a very reliable source that says it could be as soon as July. So if you are interested in having solar this would be a good time to make that happen. I am currently forming a list of people that would like to be contacted if and when this program becomes available.

You can email me at jdstrattonelectric@gmail.com or call me at (231) 715-1170 to get on that list. Don't wait because the program will fill up fast.