Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Do I do off-grid systems?

The other day someone brought to my attention that they were not sure if I do off-grid systems. The answer is yes I do. As a matter of fact I have been getting a lot of requests for just that type of system.

I'm currently working with several people that currently live off- grid or are considering it. Yesterday I started a project that was off-grid and now is being converted over to be grid interactive. So I can go either way on systems.

I have a system that I just finished a few weeks ago that was an AC coupled system with battery backup. The solar panels were grid interactive and the battery charging system interacted with that solar grid- tied system.

There was a man in the area that has over 200+ systems that are off grid and those customers of his have been contacting me to either repair or replace parts of their systems.

I personally will be taking about 60-70% of my house off-grid later this summer. I have been slowly collecting the parts I need to make this happen. I will be using solar at first to power my system. Later the following year I'll be installing a small wind system.

So to answer your questions I am very capable of doing off-grid systems.