Tuesday, June 23, 2009

$1000 off

If anyone buys a wind turbine between now and July 31, 2009, I will give you $1000 off the complete installation of that wind turbine. We have four turbine companies to choose from to help you get the right turbine that will meet your needs. Call today for your free site assessment today, (231) 668-4626

Monday, June 22, 2009

Residential Rooftop Wind Turbines

I keep seeing that people are searching for rooftop wind turbines in my web site. I am going to tell you right now that roof mounted turbines do not work well at all. The reason is there is to much turbulence in the wind from hitting the roof an going up over the top of the roof. I was in Ludington a month ago and there is a house on Business 131 across from the Pere Marquette Township hall. The flag at the township hall was flying straight into the wind and the roof mounted turbines were spinning in circles and mean the whole turbine not the blades. I will down there later this week and I will try and get video of these roof mounted wind turbines in action. Stop back next week and see the video.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

New dealership

I found out today that I am now dealership for the Bergey Wind Turbine. This adds a third brand and size of turbines that I now can offer to customers. Also later this year they will be releasing a new 50kw turbine.

Currently I have the Skystream, Proven and the Bergey wind turbines.

The turbines sizes are:
Skystream 2.4 kw
Proven 6kw and 15kw
Bergey 10kw

Also I have been in talks with Northern Power Systems, they make 100kw unit.

I will be leaving for Canada next week to go look at another company that I am very interested in using their turbine for a project in the thumb.